Alpine Junction, WY

This Pre-Engineered metal building convenience store is packed with all the amenities that a traveler needs. Interior build-out includes Little Caesar's tenant with full kitchen / deli prep area for food, with a walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer. The point of sale counter is positioned to have priority views out to the car canopy and truck canopy to monitor the gas pumps.


There is a large storage room in the back for overstock items and an equipment mezzanine that houses the make up air units and furnaces to heat and cool the building. The open sales area keeps the structure of the building visible while also pushing the industrial feel of exposed spiral ducts and high bay energy-efficient LED light fixtures. Horizontal shading devices along the south windows of the building have been designed to block out the hot summer sun.


The large site allows for lots of vehicular traffic both private and commercial. There is even a dedicated RV dump site conveniently located which serves as a huge amenity for the Town of Alpine. Exterior LED light ropes wrap the building and are programmed to change colors for certain holidays and make this facility shine year-round.