Spaceport America SOC - (near) Truth or Consequences, NM

This 27,600 s.f. highly customized insulated concrete thin shell facility is an ellipsoid shaped structure that is completely free-spanning. This means that even though there are internal walls to separate different rooms and areas, none of the walls are used to support the dome structure itself. The facility is used as a fire station and business offices for the Spaceport America campus.

Monticello Montessori School - Idaho Falls, ID

The goal for the 15,000 s.f. Monticello Montessori Charter School was to create beautiful, open, and functional spaces for the children to learn. The building design included (2) 96’ diameter insulated concrete thin-shell domes on ICF walls for high energy efficiency. On the interior, the design included classrooms, administration, and flex use space.

Fire Station - Menan, ID

Rural Fire Station providing all primary use functions on the main level footprint of the building. Additional future expansion space provided on the 2nd level. The facility is housed within a single concrete thin-shell dome structure set on an 18’ vertical masonry wall. The apparatus bay includes 5 bays accommodating current vehicles and allowing for growth in the fleet.

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