Idaho Falls, ID

The design of this new state of the art Nursing Simulation Laboratory stemmed from the demand of the nursing field and occupation to have more highly qualified nurses with greater education and training to seamlessly go from school and into the workforce without skipping a beat.


The concept is to have four control rooms that control different and simultaneous simulations of practice patients / cases for students to then give care and diagnose patients' needs. Therefore, there is a single large classroom to house 32 students that then get broken down into these four groups for more intimate training. There are four debriefing rooms where students can learn and study real-time what is occurring / happening in the actual simulation rooms themselves. To have such a nice new state of the art facility is a huge plus for this newly formed college.


Other programming on this renovation includes two offices, two storage rooms, a restroom, laundry room and a PAR level room which all simulate conditions that one would expect to see at a hospital and an emergency room. With this infrastructure in place, rest assured these nursing students are being trained to hand many different situations and scenarios and quickly become a huge help in this highly demanding field.