Our Story

Born & bred in Idaho, we're taking things up a notch.

Resin’s story begins with the coming together of three highly skilled and passionate architects: Graham Whipple, Greg Croft, and Jonathan Gallup. Each of them bringing a different facet to Resin’s forward-thinking and technology-driven mentality. A trifecta of different experiences and strengths, they create the structurally sound 3-pointed framework of Resin Architecture.


For years the process of involving architects in any type of construction has remained the same dated 2-D experience of looking over blueprints and trying to visualize yourself there. Not an easy task for most people. In fact, it can be frustrating at the best of times. Resin recognizes this issue and has seen how modern VR technology can put the client into their space before they have the keys. With the ever-advancing technology all around, Resin Architecture is constantly seeking for new ways to shake up the architectural world. Together they aim to streamline the architectural process, all the while bringing it into the 21st century.

Graham Whipple

Graham grew up with an affinity for fine art and showed incredible technical ability at a young age. He loved to take what he saw around him and be able to recreate it as realistically as possible in whatever medium he chose. He also found enjoyment in solving puzzles and building with Lego. As he neared college age, he decided to pursue Civil Engineering but discovered that where he excelled at the mathematics of it all, it lacked the creative outlet that he needed to truly be happy. Enter Architecture, which he found to combine creativity and logic in a way that satisfied both sides of his personality.


Graham has a deep love of learning and seeking to improve himself. On top of earning a Bachelor’s of the Arts, Bachelor of Science, and a Master’s of Architecture, he also pursues linguistics, geology, graphic design, letterpress, and more. He strives to bring this passion learning and improving to the architectural world to show that world-class design and thinking can come from the heart of SE Idaho.

Greg Croft

Growing up on a farm, Greg learned the meaning of “hard work” at a young age. Though farming wasn’t a lifelong pursuit for the family, his father’s entrepreneurial spirit started a fence construction company and chimney sweep business to support the family. This dedication was passed on to Greg as he aided his father in these endeavors.


While helping his father clean and install chimneys Greg was able to explore new and existing buildings, and gained a love for the planning and attention to detail that he saw in the various floor plan layouts he stepped through. While in high school, his woodshop teacher introduced him to the concept of functional-design; making something beautiful that also serves a valuable purpose. He has carried this mindset into his architectural career as he has designed many medical buildings to be as functional as possible. Always seeking to improve the design process, Greg takes any guesswork out of the equation for the client.

Jonathan Gallup

Building things has been in Jonathan’s blood since he was young, loving to build with Erector sets and K’nex. This love of building was fostered by his father, who was a carpenter when they built their family home when he was 15 years old. Though he picked up some construction skills during this time, his father stressed the importance of gaining an education. Jonathan went on to the University of Idaho to earn a Bachelor’s and Master of Architecture.


Jonathan is passionate about architecture and people. Helping clients fully understand the value that Resin brings to the table is one of his greatest joys on the job. He is always searching for ways to push the envelope to bring aesthetics and function together.

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