While many architects are stuck in the past, we have been embracing new 3D and virtual reality technologies for years.

For decades the process of working with an architect has remained more or less the same dated two-dimensional

experience for clients. Trying to truly visualize your design by staring at a flat blueprint is no easy task.


That's why we at Resin seized the opportunity to embrace new tools that would add immense value to our clients. These new tools give us the ability to design faster, more accurately, and more effectively than ever before. Also, errors and miscommunications are nearly eliminated because our engineer counterparts can work on the same project files that we are using. 


But, you want to know the best part?

You get to take a virtual tour of your building or home before ground is ever broken.



We at Resin are always looking for ways to streamline the architectural process. As a forward-thinking, technology-driven firm we use the most modern BIM (building information modeling) software.


Our design tool of choice is ArchiCAD. This program was designed to bring architecture into the 21st century and into 3 dimensions. We design projects first virtually in a 3-D environment for the benefit of our clients, the contractors and other shareholders in every project. Deliverables throughout the project and at project completion include formats that are compatible with current common workflows but can also include BIM-based and 3D based formats providing benefit to the construction process and facilitating future workflow compatibility. Through the use of the most modern advances in architectural software, we are able to thoroughly convey the design intent prior to construction. We fully understand that the intent goes far beyond the overall appearance of the building. That's why we utilize the power of our design tools to convey detailed information at every level within each project.


Using technology as an integral tool in their daily work, we are able to successfully compete against much larger firms for projects of all sizes.