Idaho Falls, ID

The historic 3rd Ward Building located in Idaho Falls, ID was formerly and LDS church meetinghouse originally funded and built by the church members who would be attending services there. In 2016, the landmark building underwent a massive remodel and renovation to house the new Healing Sanctuary. The building had sat vacant for years falling into major disrepair, so Graham Whipple was brought onboard for his expertise in renovating historic buildings. The building had 22,000 sq.ft. of space to build in exam rooms, meditation areas, offices, reception area, and more. Because of the historical and landmark nature of the 3rd Ward Building, every precaution and measure was taken to ensure the charm and craftsmanship of the original structure was maintained. Major improvements from electrical, plumbing, handicap accessibility, and more were made to enhance usability, sustainability, and future-proof the building as well. The Healing Sanctuary strives to provide care to everyone through both western and alternative medicine practices. Additionally, the major repurposing of an otherwise derelict structure has brought much-needed revitalization to the aging neighborhood where it stands, with surrounding property values increasing in excess of 10-15%.

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