BYU-I Students

We appreciate your interest in learning more about our unique process.

Follow these instructions to access the specific
simulation that was highlighted in our presentation.


Once you have the app downloaded and installed, click on the following Graphisoft link:



This link will take you to the BIMx transfer site where you can download the model that you can then navigate through on your device.

  1. Click download model

  2. Your device will then ask if you want to open the BIMx app, click open.

  3. The file will then be downloaded to your device.

  4. Select the model, then select either a view or construction drawing you would like to look at,
    then click the image of the model to open that view. 


Walk inside before you break ground.™

It was an absolute pleasure to speak with you about our process.
Team Resin wishes you all the best in your studies.